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800 C° and 3 heat sources

This oven offers a three-fold simultaneous baking, thanks to three heat sources, which are : embers bed, for cooking the meat putting on the grid ; the 800 C° oven heat sears the meat and the flame licks the oven vault while crusting the meat.

The oven roasts and bakes... and cooking becomes a performance !

Then, your restaurant evolves into a restaurant without a chef having to cook but an orchestrated handling. The oven does the rest.

Your training, our assistance

You can benefit from a follow-up training. Three weeks are necessary for the oven construction before the first firing and 20 days of drying. All the flavours are revealed thanks to this cooking quality.

Our entrepreneurial spirit rests upon mutual assistance : our collaboration has to come to a common successful conclusion. 

You will have all the franchised benefits without confines and drawbacks.

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